DIEL Sport professional winter apparel is extra strong and durable, able to withstand three seasons of continuous use at extreme conditions. Our experts join forces with ...



DIEL Sport performance teamwear uses the advantages of leading edge technologies to ensure impressive style and functionality, top protection and free body movements.



Diverse palette to suit every taste: our selection of shell fabrics offers a variety of colors from the classic blue and red through the bright jasmine, vibrant yellow and atol blue to ...

Teams, crews, squads and departments

Snow sports teams and professionals from all over the world work in conditions of long and cold winter. They have to perform their best for weeks and months, withstanding extreme temperatures and fast and fierce wind. They face the mountain’s cutting blizzards and dazzling sun.

They are members of teams, crews, squads and departments that spend over 90 days per year in the high mountain. They are polar pioneers and explorers, surviving at the most challenging points on Earth.

Always there, trailblazing and confident, tough and unstoppable, weatherproof and in control....

  • Diel Sport’s production is made entirely in the European Union. Our ISO-certified factory is on the list of the best EU skiwear manufacturers. Working on a flexible program, it allows short deadlines and small minimum order quantities.
  • With almost 30 years of experience Diel Sport is trusted supplier of professional high performance winter apparel. Our Custom Uniform Program Diel Sport CUP was developed especially for ski teams, ski clubs, ski schools, rescue teams and various outdoor staff.
  • Diel Sport CUP garments can be made in personal models in 101 different sizes to fit perfectly each member of the team for ultimate protection and efficiency. It offers customized color combinations and tailored designs and employs the newest branding technologies.
  • Each DIEL®Sport CUP product comes with a Warranty Certificate in assurance of the constant top quality the brand stands for. Every garment is warranted for defects in material and workmanship for a period of TWENTY-FOUR months and our skilled sewing department offers professional post-warranty service.
  • The specially developed high-tech fabrics give protection and comfort in the cold, windy and sunny days in the mountain. The outfits are reliable, uncompromising and durable, tested continuously in practice and ready for heavy duty use.®
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